Friday, August 28, 2009

MJ Stitched Review and Giveaway

After reading the Welcome page and
then clicking on Shop Online, I knew
I had to have this!

I'm talking about MJ Stitched!

Believe me when I say you've got

to have one of these designer, yes I said
designer wristlets!

MJ Stitched showcases "wristlets"
otherwise noted as WristWear
Keychains in MUST HAVE designs!
But wait...yes my happy shoppers,
there is more!

Are you ready to know how much these
cost? UNDER $10.00! I hope you didn't
hit the floor too hard when you fell,
but stay there because with your
$25.00 order you get FREE SHIPPING!
(O.K you can get back up now, you'll
need to be in your chair to shop!)
There is also an affiliate program
for you at home Mom's or if you
simply would like to make some extra
shopping money for the holidays! Now
who couldn't use that?

*"Contact us" response time, SAME
*Customer Service is Excellent!
*Affiliate Program absolutely FREE
to sign up and you get an
IMMEDIATE response! This means
you can start making extra money starting TODAY without "start up costs"

You can't beat that!
*Between the must have designs
great prices and the free
shipping on orders over $25.00, this will be the perfect plan ahead gift for the holidays!

Forget the mad rush~ you just found a great deal!

So wether you're ready to shop,
become an affiliate or both,I'm sure
you will be pleased!
**** Come back and comment. Your
comment automatically enters you into
a drawing to receive a wristlet for
free! Include the following in your

1. What caught your
attention most about MJ Stitched?

2. What is your favorite

3. What do you think about MJ

** 4. If you signed up for the
affiliate program, go to the Contact
Us and tell MJ Stitched you were
referred by TaniaMichelle's Closet and
your entry will be counted as two!

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  1. I am so excited to see that there is now a limited edition Halloween design available!

  2. I followed your link from TaniaMichelle's Closet and LOVE your product. I am a HUGE Halloween fan and love the new design. I love that there is a better way to find my keys without dumping my purse out on the hood of my car!!!