Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Fills Your Heart ~ Review

I'll be the first to say, I'm not one to put two separate things in the same category for comparison...but what I will say is I will give you an example so you get a good idea of what I am talking about! Now with that, if you thought Italian Charm bracelets were your thing, let alone a craze that had it's moment; You have not even begun to see what I am about to share with you! I'm talking about What Fills Your Heart!

What Fills Your Heart clearly states "We don't follow trends, We create them", well, they couldn't be farther than the truth! Trust me when I say read all the way through this review!

What Fills Your Heart creates pendants and charms made of stainless steel or sterling silver! Yes, I said sterling silver! (I love sterling silver) Let me just note one thing before moving forward; stainless steel in my experience is great for someone that has sensitive skin. It does not cause an irritation one might experience if they cannot wear gold. Not only that but the durability is great too.

O.K moving on...

What Fills Your Heart offers premade pendants, as well as ones you can create from a beautiful selection of charms of your choice. Aside from the premade pendants, you have among your choice of heart pendants, soul pendants and specialty pendants. ** Be sure to note that chains may or may not be included. If not included, you may order separately.

You are sure to find something special, no doubt about it. The charm selection alone allows you to completely create the perfect gift. Charm selection is not limited to: silver, gold, Disney, NFL and even pictures! YOUR pictures! You couldn't personalize it more!

What Fills Your Heart also offers bracelets, keychains and dangles. Specialty items found under "New Items" include Autism Pin, Survivor Pin, Graduation 2009 pendant, National Law Enforcement Charm, Small Special Dog Lover pre-made and for all you Divas out there, a Purse Pendant which you can fill with your own "accessories"! (*** For those of you that have loved ones serving overseas, in the armed forces or away from home, this is perfect for keeping them close to your heart or as a gift for a friend. I have chosen the pic above to give you an idea of what it may look like. This one is the National Law Enforcement Charm, but as you have been reading, you may customize this with a pic of your loved one and use charms that perfect individual touch!)

What Fills Your Heart doesn't stop there. Have you ever held a fundraiser for your group or school and have 50% of sales go directly to your school in Your Child's Name? 50%! (Yes I emphasize 50%, who offers that? Hello, don't you think our schools could use that?)

Forget about having to clean your house and get those last minute appetizers to give to your guests when throwing a party. What Fills Your Heart understands you may have a busy schedule... Host an E-Party! Hosting an E-Party allows you the opportunity to host a party with all your friends, adding to the convenience of their schedules as well and you still get the same benefits as if you hosted the party from home!

Get used to me saying this next one... Just when you thought this review was coming to a close, that's right, THERE'S MORE! ♥

What Fills Your Heart has been in the news and is worn among the Celebrities we love! These Celebrities wearing What Fills Your Heart are: Jennifer Garner, Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), Paris Hilton, Kelly Ripa and more! See for yourself at What Fills Your Heart In The News!

I am pleased to see that they are depicted wearing What Fills Your Heart on their site.

What Fills Your Heart also offers an Affiliate Program. No Cost and you can start right away as you receive your confirmation almost immediately.

With the holidays approaching, What Fills Your Heart will be featured in my 10 Hottest Gifts for Christmas blog. That's a guarantee!

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