Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why I do what I do!

Ever have one of these days? I'm pretty sure we all have!
Here I am going to share with you why I have started blogging and share a few laughs too!
So grab a drink, maybe even a snack and enjoy!
My youngest son, Nicholas, started his first year of school! I have been fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mom (SAHM) for the better part of two years now. When the time came to put him on the bus, I lost it! There I was crying watching my "baby" move on and grow up more! All while he is leaving me in the dust, running for the bus and ready to see his friends! I became dog meat!
So for the first week I cried every morning and as I turned away from the bus stop and made my way home, all I could ask myself was, "What the hell do I do with myself now?". As if the dishes disappeared, or the laundry washed and folded itself. As if Lifetime changed it's lineup or Price is Right was cancelled! O.K let's be honest, like I did the dishes or laundry on time like I should have even with him here!
The fact set in that my kids are growing up and eventually out. Mom panic attack! I am in my mid 30's and having a stroke over empty nest syndrome and quickly told my husband we need to have more kids! He packed his bag and ran! (Just kidding!)
Well, this is when it all began. You sit there and think of thousands of ways you could make money and stay at home. Or wonder and question it for the most part! You pull your hair out of your head over someone's definition of "free" as you end up doing surveys and on and on... You may in fact have a few dollars to get you started but not starting at $100 and up right up front. I could go on but I can guarentee most of you know exactly what I'm saying!
So here I am, on the computer all day, with years of specialty retail behind me and wanting to do something for myself. In any given day I would come across a site, by chance, oohing and ahhing about things I wouldn't normaly find. Let alone trying to stay out of a mall! I have found affiliate programs with little to no start up costs and have truly become to appreciate and support the smaller companies and work at home Moms (WAHMs).
I like to believe I have an eye for these things as with my retail career and all the demands and expectations that were expected of me in my customer service and sales. So ladies, shoppers and everyone inbetween, I am here to share all of this with you!
I love it. I have found some really great products out there. Am affiliated with some great companies and the networking is awesome! Not to mention the friendships I am building with others. That in itself is priceless.
I am picky, I hold my own standards when bringing things to you, as shopping or building something on your own should be fun. It does take some work though. Research research research! I cannot express it enough! So yes, it is true, do what you love and love what you do! I enjoy retail, I love being at home with my family and do like being online. No more pantyhose or heels for me! Can't beat that!
I thank you for being here. To learn a little more about me, visit my full profile, follow me and be sure to check out my new webpage!
Have a great day and as always ~Enjoy
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