Monday, October 19, 2009

Designer Teez Review

I came across this site and was glad I did! Designer Teez gave me several good laughs and brought to mind several friends and family members to shop for on my holiday list!

I could sit here and tell you about this company as through their "about us" or through my personal experience with them. Why ruin the fun though! I love this guy! I will quote though, "So here we are. We still have that dream, plenty of t-shirts, and a number of other bad ideas." Can you just feel the inspiration?

Designer Teez sells novelty/humorous t-shirts for both men and women. Now ladies, let me just say that sometimes a regular t-shirt is O.K., but let's face it, we do need a different cut! Well, Desinger Teez does sell the women's line with that in mind and to that I say THANK YOU!

I ordered my shirt and within 4 days I was happy to see my new shirt waiting for me in the mailbox! Grabbed shirt package and left the bills! Needless to say my shirt was a hit in the morning with the bus stop Moms! (Can you guess which shirt I picked?)

So let me point out a few great things about Designer Teez. Try to keep up here! Always Free Shipping in the United States. Buy 3 get 1 free,(Free shirt and Free shipping),. Buy 2 or more t-shirts and get Free upgrade to priority shipping! Now I don't know about you but that is a deal all the way around! Live out of the United States or need to ship out of the country? NO PROBLEMO! Designer Teez ships to OVER 40 COUNTRIES! So those of you with loved ones serving overseas or have family/friends out of the country on your holiday list, Designer Teez has you in mind!

Also, be sure to check out their FAQ's link! This is very informative and answers shipping/tracking questions, return information, what type of t-shirts they use to design on and much more. Designer Teez truly guarentees your satisfaction. I personally emailed Designer Teez through their contact us and received prompt courteous responses! I love that! Designer Teez knows how to provide great customer service and have a great time too!

Now please note, Designer Teez hopes you have your open minded humor when shopping! But I must say, finding a fun t-shirt for the men is a given here! I love my shirt and have several picked out for Christmas gifts!

To visit Designer Teez CLICK HERE

Tania Michelle's Closet and Designer Teez would love to hear about your visit and your shopping experience. Please come back and comment here! Thank you and as always... ~Enjoy!

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