Friday, October 9, 2009

Teaporia Review

Ahhh, a nice hot cup of tea! So good for you and benefits aplenty!
Teaporia first started with 50 teas. Now, 3 years later, they have 106 and counting! Not to mention you can customize your own blend!
I enjoyed shopping Teaporia's site because they offer much more than just teas alone. There are tips on brewing, fun facts, recipes, mixes and more. Teaporia has conveniently categorized areas of shopping in the following: Teas, Scones and More, Accessories, Miscellaneous and Recipes. Read along as I *spotlight* something in each of these areas!
♥ Teas
Talk about shopping made easy, Teaporia has included a guide of how many cups of tea you can make from the amount you choose. Sample bags are available that make 1-2 cups perfect for trying several teas or putting together for a gift. Some teas include anitox/detox teas, white-green and black teas and herbal and fruit teas. ** Teaporia Kids has been put together by popular demand of Moms! (Moms are very powerful!) Moms are turning to tea as an alternative to soft drinks and those loaded with sugar. Tea is also much healthier and can be used to make your own ice pops, (brilliant when that fever or flu comes around), and by making your own ice cubes with your tea, you can instantly flavor your water!
♥ Scones and More
There are 6 categories offered here. Cakes and Cookie Mixes, Muffin Mixes, Quick Breads, Scone Mixes, Preserves/Toppings/Pie in a Jar (PECAN LOVERS CENTRAL!), and Gluten Free! ** Gluten Free is for those who cannot use wheat flour based mixes. Three products available are GF Killer Mud Brownies, GF Lemon Poppy Quick Bread and GF Pancake and Waffle Mix! For a quick afternoon snack or simple dessert, use the GF Waffle Mix and make some mini sized waffles. Place a small scoop of your favorite ice cream on waffle and top with your choice of the Preserves/Toppings/Pie in a Jar!
♥ Accessories
Here you will find 8 categories listed. All-in-One Teapots, Cups and Saucers, Mugs/Tea Cups, Teapots, Holiday Collection, Cookie Cutters(to go with your Cookie Mix!), Children's Collection and Hostess Specials. Get all your "necessi-TEAS" here! Enjoying a cup of tea isn't just in the tea itself~ it is a simple time of pampering also. So why not sip in style! From teapots, all-in-one sets and cups/mugs for home, office or on the go, you are sure to find something that fits you. Cat lovers will really find several things to add to their collection! **Starting your holiday shopping early? This item sells out quickly and is perfect for putting your gift in! Oh, did I not mention what that is? You'll have to find it in this section!
Well what good is all that tea if you don't have what you need to make it? Find all you need and then some here among 19 different products! From tea strainers to gift wrapping, Teaporia has all you need for the perfect cup of tea and your party! Can you believe gift wrapping is only $2.00! **What caught my eye here was Teaporia's Gift Certificate. Teaporia's Gift Certificate is sold as $25.00 and can be EMAILED to any recipient of your choice! Now that's what I call getting a gift to someone on time! So convenient! If you choose to have it mailed, simply provide the mailing information in the message box on the checkout page.
♥ Recipes
Last but not least are your recipes to pull it all together! 13 recipes here! ** Make your own mouthwash! Who knew?
So there you have it. Are you ready for your tea party? Visit Teaporia and sip your way to relaxation or enjoy tea time with the kids or grand kids. You sure as heck can't have a cup of coffee with them! Yikes! They'll feel special being included!
Teaporia also offers a Consultant Program and there is no cost to sign up. Once you sign up you can become a consultant in just minutes! Be sure to watch for my upcoming blog specially devoted to becoming a consultant.
I hope you enjoyed this review on Teaporia. To shop Teaporia CLICK HERE
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